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Welcome To Trap Haven!

This world was designed as an all-in-one event world to host parties and all sorts of events in! This world is an adult focused environment that has everything you need from Drinking Games, Full Dance Room, Dance Studio, Private Rooms and much more!

This world also contains a lovely Felix NPC that walks around the map and greets guests as they enter the world. If you are ever lost and looking for one of your friends in this large world, Felix can help you to locate them while also telling fun riddles along the way! Make sure to stop by and say Hi to him!

Just like my other world Drinking Night, this world contains many fun games! Some of these games are more relaxed like "Truth or Shot" which contains nearly 4 thousand questions, to high energy games like "Plushie Racing"! Feel free to check out the full list of games in the world listed at the bottom of this page.

Creation And Back Story

This world was released to the public back in November 2021 with the help of RiskyKen and FireTik who helped with the UDON by programming the games and fun features within the world!

This world was designed as an all around event world to host Trap Haven events for the community. The world is based around the character Felix Argyle who is a lovable 'Trap' character among the anime community.