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Welcome To Drinking Night!

If you are looking for a world to meet new people and play fun drinking games, then this is the world to visit! This world is an adult focused environment and is known for it's chill atmosphere and its 30+ (and still in counting) drinking games that you can enjoy with your friends.

These games range from automated games such as "Never Have I Ever" that have over a thousand premade prompts, to more manual games like "Cards Against Humanity" filled with 100s of cards to keep the fun going all night long. Feel free to check out the full list of games in the world listed at the bottom of this page.

Creation And Back Story

This world was released to the public back in October 2019 due to high demand on the PC platform. The world was originally built with the SDK2 trigger system and after years was converted to UDON and uploaded to the quest platform April 2022 were it still receives updates to this date for new content and holiday edits.

This world was created and designed by myself with the help of RiskyKen who helped convert the world to UDON by programming the games and fun features within the world!

Drinking Night was originally a private world I had built for my friend group the "Dysfunctional Family" to meet weekly in and play games together. It stayed this way for about 6 months, but was later made public as other groups would request to use this world often making it hard to create instances without the existence of the Vrchat website at the time.

What Is The Dysfunctional Family?

The Dysfunctional Family is not a club or a public community, It is just a private friend group created back in 2018 that we decided to name for the fun of it! Sadly no crazy story there or any lore!